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The first Observatory about the Z Generation

Power up your strategies and get to know the feelings and the identity of the digital natives in-depth. Join the Observatory to gain exclusive insight and information about the trends and attitudes of Generation Z.

Scientific Committee

A look at the new generations

ObservatoryZed was born to spread information, data, and analysis on the new generations, creating reports and insights to be shared with all the realities that want to understand them and get their attention.

Observe and analyze new trends

ObservatoryZed focuses on the Z Generation: it is a space made to observe the tastes, attitudes, and needs of the new generations.

Get detailed reports on the Z Generation

A full panoramic about the identity of digital natives to personalize your strategy and gain specific insights.

We observe

We are the lens that explores the Z Generation, a telescope that examines their identity and main characteristics.

We listen

We collect data and analyze it to track reports and thematic insights.

We tell stories

We share our information with the members of the Observatory to support their marketing strategies.

Board members

ObservatoryZed is part of CreationDose

The Observatory is a non-profit association as a CreationDose project, the MarTech Company that
creates value with the new generations.